About Yoneda & Associates

At Yoneda & Associates, we strongly believe in starting each project on the right path – by listening to the client.  We pay close attention to the philosophy of each design throughout all project phases.  We account for our clients’ visions, schedules, and budget constraints to determine the mechanical systems appropriate for the project.  A Principal or Associate of the firm is in charge of each of our projects and personally manages the job from the conceptual stages of design to the final sign-off of construction.  Clients can depend on us for seasoned judgment and thoughtful attention to detail from project start to completion.

Project Administration

Proper Project Administration is vital to the success of a project during both the design and construction phases.

During design, we manage our resources to ensure that drawings and documentation are completed on schedule.  Our experienced management identifies to our clients what information and decisions are required to maintain job progress.

During construction, our services continue to ensure that drawings and specifications are adhered to and that the intent of the mechanical design is being executed within the budget. We monitor construction progress and advise our clients whether progress claims for work are reasonable. We employ full-time field personnel who are familiar in working with the trades during the construction and pre-occupancy phases.

Cost Control

We clearly recognize the importance of cost control and use our experience to create economical solutions.  We are also accustomed to working with cost consultants as part of a team effort to monitor and ensure that the cost programs are adhered to.